Monday, August 2, 2021
Introducing Barzok

When you travel to Iran to this beautiful land, kashan is one of the first cities to be visited for two reasons: the first is the Eye-catching architecture of monuments and the other is its amazing nature.

From the east Kahsan is only 60 kilometers to maranjab desert.And from the west, being close to karkas mountain, there are many beautiful villages and cities full of grass and green.

45 kilometers in southwest of kashan in the hillside of the karkas mountain there is a green valley called barzok which is Famous for being the Jewel of mountain. Barzoks weather is very mild in summer and freezing in the winter.

people are occupied by farming, bee farming, ranching and carpet weaving....

There are 4 main products: Damask rose, blackberry, walnut and plum. And the other products are Apricot, Casey, apple, almond, grapes and …

knowing damask rose water of kashan you must also be aware that 70% of it is being produced in Barzok and you can enjoy watching the process and participate festivals in ordibehesht(second month of spring).

The second popular product is blckbarry. At thr moment Barzok is known as the biggest Producer of blackberry in Iran. Beginning of the summer is the best time to visit blackberry trees.

Because of mountainous and rainy weather in the autumn, Barzok has become one of the main Producers of walnut.

Aside from having beautiful nature and lots of products it also has an old architecture and beautiful alleys, full of gardens and monuments. Monuments such as:

900 years old water mill,500 years old public bath house,the valley view from Tape Ghale ,old Neighbourhood and Anthropolgy Museum.