Monday, August 2, 2021
About Saleh Ecolodge

Saleh ecolodge is located in one of the oldest areas called Mosalla.

This building was built 1000 years ago and it has five rooms and a small balcony and a bigger one on the roof.

Doctor Salehian has restored this building for the purpose of tourism because of his endless interest in his homeland and its protectiion. He bought this building in spring, 1395 and repaired it, getting help from a professional team under Mr. Shiri's supervision.

They have done their best to provide accommodation facilities as much as they could such as hitter, korsi , radiator, bathroom, kitchenette and clean floor mattress for each room capacity and also internet in each room.

Saleh ecolodge is the most equipped residence in Barzok.

Hope to see you there any time soon.